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  • I first sculpted in 1955.  The inspiration came from a deeply impacting experience at just 10 years old.  It was 1945.
  • The image of life-giving has stayed with me, inspiring my art to this day, over 70 years later.  I have since witnessed six of God's Miracles in my life, three of which being my own.  My art is dedicated to Lydia.
  • I sculpted at my leisure, not looking for profit.  I made a living designing and manufacturing women's bikinis for some 45 years but sculpted some 200 pieces during that time.  Now, in retirement and at age 81, I look to share my art for the first time.  Celebrating the gift of life and a life lived, the Mommy Mummy series is dedicated to Lydia.
    Ray Spade


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Bend, Oregon, United States